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China Study Hub

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Zhejiang University front building

Griffith College students currently living in Mainland China can now join a Study Center based in Zhejiang University, Xixi Campus which has been formed as part of a partnership with our parent company Navitas.

Zhejiang University

  • Ranks among the top tier of “World-class universities and first-class disciplines”, “Project 985”, and “Project 211”
  • Member of the Nine Schools Alliance (C9), the Pacific Rim University Alliance, and the World University Alliance
  • Ranked 45 in the QS World Ranking in 2022

Cost of Zhejiang University Study Centre program

Study Center payment must be made directly to the college.


Fee includes:

  • 14 weeks on campus accommodation (shared dormitory living)
  • Academic support for undergraduate level subjects including Math, Information Technology, Computer and Programming, Science, Social Science, etc
  • Quality sports courses, like tennis, basketball, combat, etc.
  • Insurance
  • Wi-fi
  • Advanced math and programming courses etc.
  • Various transferrable skills courses like essay writing, advanced application of excel, ted talk speech, v-log editing, digital skills, etc.
  • Outdoor excursions, company and lab visits, guest presentations from senior management with overseas study experience, etc.
  • All the university resources like canteen, sport stadium, etc.

Fees do not include:

  • College/university tuition fees
  • Food and meals
  • Transport costs
  • Entertainment
  • Text book and other study material

Typical weekly extra-curricular course schedule (sample; may differ based on student numbers):


table tennis court oval basketball court

Cancellation Policy:

Students that have registered and paid for their Study Hub Program can cancel their registration by advising Griffith College. Cancellations received between registration and the start date (i.e. Onboarding Weekend) will be eligible for a refund of your program fees, less $250 cancellation fee.

Students that have registered, paid and commenced (arrived at the Zhejiang University campus on or before the onboarding date i.e. program start date), will not receive any refund

Student eligibly for the program:

  • Students must be currently studying or have accepted and paid for a future trimester (e.g. have a valid CoE) with a participating college, managed campus or university.
  • Students must be in good health with no criminal record (requirement of Zhejiang University).
  • Students must commit to good behaviour and accept and abide by all relevant Zhejiang University policies and guidelines for behaviour.

Rebate Scholarship: Griffith College has agreed to provide a AUD$3000 rebate to students that have participated in the program. The rebate would only apply once the student arrives in Australia once borders re-open, and they have commenced their study with Griffith College. The rebate will be applied against future tuition, it will not be refunded to a student’s personal bank account.

If a Griffith College student completes their pathway program while studying online (offshore), the rebate will apply to the student’s study at the partner university (i.e. transferred to the students account at the university on confirmation of their commencement, e.g. for future tuition costs).

Epidemic prevention requirements:

In order to strengthen campus safety management and ensure students’ safety, please complete the vaccination before you enter the Study Hub of Zhejiang University. If you have any questions, please contact Griffith College China Office.

Key dates

Frequently Asked Questions

Can students attend the Zhejiang University experience on campus but stay off campus in private accommodation?

No. It is the preference of all that students attend the campus for services and accommodation.

Is the accommodation shared?

Yes, it is dormitory style accommodation; shared rooms and washrooms (usually 4 to a room, but there may be some double rooms available in the June intake – price is accurate for 4 person rooms).

Will students share dormitories with Zhejiang University students?

No, students will share with students of other Navitas Colleges and University Partner students.

Is the extra study support provided to students online or in person?

All generic study support sessions are provided in-person; delivered by Zhejiang University teachers.

Are the non-Zhejiang University students in this program able to use the Zhejiang University library?

Students will have access to the online resources available via the Zhejiang University library (using their Zhejiang University ID account).

Will VPN be provided by Zhejiang University?

No, VPN service will not be provided by Zhejiang University. Australian institutions will continue to provide existing services to their students.

Will students be permitted to study their online subjects within their dormitory?

Zhejiang University will provide classroom spaces for students to study their online subjects. If students need a quite space, they can study in their dormitory, but there are other spaces available on campus for student use.

Will students have access to the library, gym, computer rooms, self-study classrooms and student clubs?

Students will have access to Zhejiang University online library resources, the gym, self-study classrooms, but not to the student clubs.

What do students do if there is a gap between Griffith College’s intake and the Study Hub intake?

If the Griffith college term finishes before the Study Hub program, students will still have access to the Zhejiang University face-to-face courses, services and activities on campus.

Can students extend their program duration by less than 12 weeks?

After the first 12 week program, students can repeat their booking or pay by for a shorter period (a weekly rate at $400 per week).

Will students get a Zhejiang University ID card?

Yes, the ID card and an e-account allows students access to online library resources and other services that require an ID to access.

Who will have access to the student’s details?

Griffith College collects, stores and uses personal information only for the purposes of administering student and prospective student admissions, enrolment, education and articulation to Griffith University, including disclosure to Griffith College representatives (agents) acting on their behalf; Griffith University (to facilitate progression from Griffith College to the next stage of my studies); and Navitas Pty Ltd and its affiliates (to communicate regarding pathways and services offered by Navitas Pty Ltd and its related companies), OSHC provider (to facilitate membership and maintain cover), the Australian Government’s designated authorities and the Tuition Protection Scheme Director. For further information, you can consult the Griffith College Privacy Policy

How to register

  • Please fill in the online registration form
  • For information on how to make the payment page linked here (online payment portal available)
  • Successful registration and a place at Zhejiang University will be reserved once the registration form is filled in and payment has been received.
  • Zhejiang University will send you the Study Hub’s enrolment letter, orientation guidance, conduct policy, etc. after registration is completed.
  • Please follow Zhejiang University’s guideline and plan your trip to Hangzhou according to the Zhejiang University’s instructions
  • Please DO NOT plan your trip until you receive the enrolment notification from Zhejiang University.
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