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Flexible learning FAQ

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Griffith College flexible learning

We have a structured approach to learning that is designed to support your success. Study at Griffith College is all about:

  • Connecting with learning content before class in your own time,
  • Collaborating with your teachers and peers during timetabled learning experiences, and
  • Consolidating your learning after class by completing learning activities and assessments in your own time.
Flexible learning

Application and admissions

What English testing do you accept?

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Griffith College will temporarily accept the following English test results for students applying for online learning:

Please note: The Department of Home Affairs may require evidence of English language proficiency as part of a student visa application. You should check acceptable forms of evidence on their website.

Students from high risk countries may need to provide evidence that they have obtained a certain test score in an English test language approved by the Department of Home Affairs (DHA) or fall into an exemption category at the time they submit their visa application.

How old can my English result be for it be accepted?

At this stage Griffith College will accept IELTS and TOEFL IBT results that are up to 3 years old.

Will study gaps resulting from COVID 19 be overlooked for future admissions?

At this stage Griffith College will assess study gaps on a case by case basis.

Is the fee for online study mode the same as on campus mode?

As level and quality of delivery of learning will remain the same whether online or on campus, there will be no change to the fees.

When does enrolment open for students to register into courses?

For all information about when enrolment opens, when is orientation and when class starts, check the key dates page here.

Acceptance - Deposit and CoE's

Applicants who want to accept their offer to commence in 2021 and 2022 will be required to pay a tuition deposit of $3,000, as well as visa-length Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC). Upon receipt of the tuition fee deposit, OSHC, and completion of any required GTE/GS checks, students will be issued with an eCOE to enable them to apply for a student visa. The remainder of fees payable, based on the student’s enrolment, must be paid by census date.

Do I need to pay OSHC to get my CoE's?

All applicants will be required to pay visa-length OSHC with their deposit to accept their offer. Students can claim an OSHC refund if, at the end of their studies, they have an unused portion of OSHC from when they were studying offshore at the beginning of their program.

Do I need to apply for a visa if I am studying offshore/online?

It is recommended that as soon as the CoE’s are issued, students apply for a student visa prior to commencing their program to ensure they have a valid student visa to enable them to arrive in Australia to continue their studies as soon as they are able.

Study and academic

Can I study completely online?

We are currently offering all Griffith College programs (including Foundation, Diplomas and Masters Qualifying Program) as a hybrid model with students currently being taught via live streaming and face to face. Students can attend classes either in person on campus or zoom in, however we do not offer self-paced online study.

Please note for study of the Diploma of Health Care the governing bodies ANMAC and NMBA requires students to study at least 80%  of the program in person on campus. We aim to make the learning experience as flexible as possible but also aim for student success and industry standards compliance, therefore students studying this diploma need to be prepared for their study to be done in person, and only join classes online via zoom when absolutely necessary.

There are restrictions however for students outside of Australia to study the Diploma of Health Care and we therefore have a hold on any new applications into this program outside of Australia. All other programs however are open for applications from all students and have options to study online or on campus.

If you miss a live-streamed learning experience, our anytime, anywhere learning experience option allows you even more flexibility to stay up to date. The beauty of our live-streamed learning experiences means you get to collaborate in real-time as you would if you were on-campus. If you can’t make it in real-time, we’ve got you covered.

For offshore international students: Once Australia’s international border restrictions are lifted and normal modes of delivery can be resumed, as an international student studying offshore, you will be required to travel to Australia on a student visa as soon as you are able to. This means that you will need to apply for a student visa using your Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE). You only require a student visa when you intend to enter Australia. For the latest information on applying for a student visa, please refer to the Department of Home Affairs.

Can I continue to study online when the borders are open again?

Students outside of Australia should apply now for a visa so that once the travel restrictions are lifted you can come to campus and study in person. All students will be allowed a reasonable amount of time to organise their travel and living arrangements when border reopen, and continue to study online until then. Griffith College is in constant contact with students and will advise when it is safe to travel to Australia.

How long will the courses be offered online?

With the exception of some Diploma of Health Care courses, all course will be offered via live stream/face to face as a standard mode of delivery here at the College. Courses are designed for learning no matter where you are.

Will I learn the same thing going to online class and studying on my own?

No matter how you attend class the course has been designed for optimal student success. Carefully curated learning content, learning experiences and learning activities guide a student through their weekly work. Your teacher offers weekly consultation, noticeboard updates and learning prompts throughout the week. Online study at Griffith College is humanised by your teacher being present and very active in your learning.

Can I continue to study online when the borders are open again?

Students outside of Australia should apply now for a visa so that once the travel restrictions are lifted you can come to campus and study in person. All students will be allowed a reasonable amount of time to organise their travel and living arrangements when border reopen, and continue to study online until then. Griffith College is in constant contact with students and will advise when it is safe to travel to Australia.

Are there any disadvantages to online learning?

Griffith College utilises world class digital technology that ensures quality of learning for each of our students.

Do I interact with other students, or is it just a lecturer talking at me?

Both! All Griffith College courses are designed to assure high-quality education in both digital and face-to-face modes. While learning content is presented in bite sized video chunks for you to view at your own convenience prior to your timetabled class, there will be timetabled learning experiences (classes) and learning activities that require interaction with both the teacher and fellow classmates.

Do I need to be online at set times? What if I live in a different time zone?

Griffith College courses are designed to allow you to learn and complete tasks at your own pace and in your time every week. Learning experiences are “live-streamed” and where possible are scheduled at a suitable time for international students.

How do we manage study groups and do group assignments?

Griffith College instructors always include group tasks in the course design. However, the specific requirements of these tasks will vary considerably by discipline and teacher. For group tasks completed in class time, Griffith College prefers instructors to use resources available through Zoom or Moodle or Padlet. Again, this will vary based on class size, internet accessibility, time constraints and the specific requirements of the task. Your teachers will encourage you to work in study groups in your own time too. Once you meet your class mates during classes or activities you can work out ways to connect with other students, and decide on times to connect (in person or virtually)”.

How do I undertake lab classes?

In some instances, virtual labs have replaced existing labs, however not all courses permit virtual labs.

What is online teaching? What is a virtual classroom?

The online learning environment at Griffith College affords dual delivery of teaching- on-campus class sessions and live streaming concurrently. This means students off-shore and on-shore can participate in the same timetabled class.

Will all the same academic policies apply to our online study as they do to on campus study?

Griffith College will maintain its academic policies; however, given the current circumstances, a case by case approach will be applied to those who may be facing any challenges. We recommend that students stay in communication with Student Learning Advisors and Counsellors as they adjust to this new environment.

How will my academic progress be impacted?

We understand that students will face some unexpected challenges and we will be looking at students’ circumstances on a case-by-case basis. Students are advised to communicate regularly with their teachers, with the Student Learning Advisors or the Welfare Counsellors if they face specific challenges that prevent them from doing their best in this new environment.

If my course has a team presentation but I have never been to a class what should I do?

No matter whether you attend in person or online, team work is possible. Digital technologies enable us to work as teams no matter where we are in the world. You don’t have to be in the same location to work in a team.

Can I fly home and continue to study my subjects online?

Under certain circumstances this may be permitted once you have had an interview with a Student Learning Advisor.

Our recommendation would be to stay in Australia and continue your study in-country through a mix of both on campus and online delivery.

What happens if I want to withdraw?

If you chose to withdraw, be mindful of our key dates as fees maybe incurred. The refund policy will apply; you can find the refund policy here.

Student services and support

Are there restrictions on class sizes?

All timetabled learning experiences on campus have up to 30 students attending. Lab sessions will be smaller number of students.

Do I have to attend classes online? What about my attendance record?

Attending class is important for your success. Weekly attendance records are taken to ensure that you are keeping up to date with your learning. If you are unable to attend the timetabled class, you can in your own time complete the weekly learning experience anytime, anywhere. This will prevent you from falling behind in your studies and contribute to your success.

No matter whether you are studying in person or online, we need to see that you are actively engaging with your teachers via their scheduled zoom classes, class chats and forums, and to complete and submit any work that they ask of you. If you disengage from these activities, we will contact you to determine if online study is a suitable choice. Likewise, if you are having problems with online study, such as access to computers and the internet and a suitable study space, we need to know as soon as this becomes a problem for you. If this happens, please book an appointment with a Student Learning Advisor or Program Convenor.

Is there an orientation event for students who study online?

There is orientation for all students, both on-campus and through the digital campus.

What support services will be available? How can students get access to these services?

You will be able to access all services either face-to-face on campus or online via the Digital Campus. For example if you are studying online from outside of Australia, you can still book an appointment in the Digital Campus to talk to one of our counsellors or learning advisors on Zoom.

Will exams be online?

Depending on the nature and scope of the course some courses have exams which are online. In most courses exams have been replaced with alternative assessments to ensure assurance of your learning.

Will I need textbooks to study online?

Where possible, Griffith College instructors use teaching materials that can be accessed digitally. In many cases, you might be asked to purchase the digital version of a textbook that is also available as a hard copy. While you may elect to purchase assigned texts as a hard copy, it is recommended and often cheaper to purchase the digital copy.

What are the minimum and maximum subjects I can do online?

If you have a current Student Visa and you are studying online in Australia or from your home country, you are expected to study the equivalent of a full-time load (3 or 4 subjects). The maximum any student can undertake in any one trimester is 4 subjects. If you are an international student without a Student Visa intending to study online while you are outside Australia, you would be encouraged to study a full-time load to ensure that you can complete your study in a timely manner. Requests to undertake reduced study load requires College approval.

How many hours per week should I allocate to each online course?

Each course requires 10 hours per week. 5 of those hours are planned by the teacher and require you to engage with them. The balance of the time is for you the student to complete readings, assignment preparation and collaborating with your peers.

If I am studying online, do I still need to follow a set timeline and register for a timetable?

Yes, as you have weekly timetabled learning experiences you must attend.

Can I have a student ID and concession for transport if I am studying online?

The same rules apply to online study as face to face study, you must be studying a minimum of 3 courses.

Can I get Centrelink study benefits if I am studying online

As a domestic student you can still obtain Centrelink payments if you are studying a full time load. Please speak with a Student Learning Advisor to get clarification on what a full-time load looks like.”

Are there any grants or any support to buy a laptop if my program is not available face to face next trimester

The College does provide access to computer labs onsite for each campus so even if your class is to be delivered exclusively online you can come to campus and use the College computers and internet access.

How do I let the college know that I need extra support for my studies or my health condition?

If you know you need extra support you should contact us at

Alternatively, you can discuss your needs with a learning advisor via the Digital Campus by appointment.



If I can't submit my assessment on time what do I do?

If you are not able to submit an assessment on time you should contact your teacher as soon as possible to discuss what prevented you from doing so and what to do next.

If I want to change something about my studies what should I do?

Contact us at

Alternatively, you can discuss your needs with a learning advisor via the Digital Campus by appointment.




Will a smart phone or tablet suffice, or will I need a laptop or desktop?

While an iPad or tablet is fine to view classes and lectures, a laptop/desktop will give you the best learning experience.

What internet usage do you think I will need, if I have a limited data plan, what would you recommend I increase to?

The online learning requirement would be 3-5 hours per course per week on average. This would mean that you will be using 4-8 gigabytes per course on a weekly basis. This is just an average and some courses may require less while others more. If you have concerns about data usage, please reach out to and we can provide some tips on reducing usage.

I don't have good internet connection at home. Do I get free internet access on campus? If so, can I join online classes from a computer lab at Griffith College?

Unfortunately data for most sites is limited to 500MB which is not enough to cover a normal month of study.

Griffith College will be providing an update during Orientation for students who will be studying in the Digital Campus.

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