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Queensland reopens this Saturday: No quarantine, no worries!

It is now official that all international students can arrive directly into Queensland Australia without the need to quarantine! We are so excited to welcome all international students for Trimester 1 which commences on 14 March.

The Queensland Government has now officially announced quarantine-free international arrivals from 1AM (AEST) Saturday, January 22. Therefore international students no longer have to quarantine once they arrive here in Queensland on or after Saturday, provided they;

Stay up to date with the latest information relating to your requirements and obligations upon entering Queensland by following the Queensland government website.

If students can’t get their visa in time for when Trimester 1 2022 commences – do not worry! Students can still start Trimester 1 online through our digital campus, and then once they get your visa they can come and continue your Trimester 1 study with us on campus without delaying their study any further!

Important note: all students must maintain enrolment in a full study load (minimum 3 courses).

International students are now allowed to work extra hours in critical sectors

The Australian Government has also temporarily eased the restrictions on working hours for international student visa holders working in critical industries.

Previously, international students have only been permitted to work 40 hours per fortnight during their course. However, under this new plan, the cap is to be temporarily lifted for international students working in essential industries. It is predicted that the limit will be doubled to 80 hours per fortnight (the equivalent of 40 hours per week).

It is important to note that all other conditions of the student visa will still apply. For more information on student visa conditions check Home Affairs website.

It’s time to:

  • accept your offer to receive your CoE and visa
  • pack your bags
  • make sure your passport isn’t expired
  • head to the airport
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