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Get uni-ready with a comprehensive range of support services to help you tackle any barriers to success.

Get a head start!

I can help check your assignments and guide your development of important academic skills you need to be successful at Griffith College and beyond. I love learning about the diverse backgrounds of every one of our students!

Ella Alba,
Student Learning Advisor


We’re Here To Help

With thousands of students passing through our campuses, we’ve developed valuable insights into the challenges you might face during your time with us. It has enabled us to tailor a comprehensive range of support services to help you tackle any barriers to academic success, health or happiness. Whether you need practical advice on time management, or emotional guidance on dealing with homesickness, we’re here to help.

GET A HEAD START on study success

Griffith College is the perfect place to make the transition from high school to university life. Meet some of our international students, who’ve achieved academic success, with the support of all those around them.

Hi! My name is Rebecca and I’m the Student Counsellor based on the Mt Gravatt campus in Brisbane. As a student counsellor, I can help you to develop skills, strategies and perspectives on personal issues related to relationships, study or work life. Counselling can help you feel better, assist you in finding solutions to problems and support you to make lasting changes in your life.
I look forward to meeting you and supporting you to achieve your academic goals.

Hi I’m Steve and I have helped hundreds of students through all kinds of life challenges that are getting in the way of their study.

As students, you come to college carrying backpacks filled with laptops and books etc.. Sometimes you might find yourself carrying an ‘emotional backpack’ that’s also weighing you down. If that’s the case, book a confidential appointment to lighten the load so you can get back to focusing on your study and getting the results you want.  Our doors are always open.

Support Services

From academic support to health and medical services, it is paramount that we ensure that students, staff, and visitors feel comfortable on campus.

Available support

Additional Support For Under 18s

We appreciate what a major upheaval the move to college can be for a young student, and the concerns it can bring to their parents.

Under 18 support

Peer-to-peer Support

As well as support from teachers and advisors, you can also benefit from guidance and advice from more experienced students.

Peer support

Driven By Diversity

Everyone at Griffith has different backgrounds, interests and talents. Griffith College celebrates diversity and promotes equity and inclusion.

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