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Stay ahead with support services that range from academic to safety and security.

Get a head start!

Academic support

Teaching staff and student learning advisors are on hand to provide you with a range of academic support and help you improve your skills with study structure, technology, maths, English language and more.

Lecturer consultation

All Griffith College lecturers and tutors are available for face-to-face student consultation on campus for approximately one hour per week per class. If, while undertaking studies at the College, you experience difficulties with a particular course, you are strongly encouraged to meet with your lecturer/tutor in the first instance during their consultation time.

Assignment help

We have academic advisors available throughout the trimester to help you with assignment drafts, research assistance, essay structuring and, writing and referencing assistance. Just make an appointment at reception for a time that suits you.

Study skills workshop

Our academic advisors run a number of information sessions and workshops throughout the trimester to help you to develop study skills such as time management, academic writing skills and examination techniques.

Learning with technology

Teaching and learning is constantly evolving and Griffith College is keeping pace by introducing a number of innovative resources in the classroom. Online learning management, video lecture capture and online textbooks are all available. To take advantage of this, you are encouraged to use your own laptop, so plan to bring one with you or purchase one when you arrive.

The College has also integrated new learning techniques, such as flipped and blended learning, to help deliver content in a way that is engaging and develops collaboration and communication skills.

Male Griffith College student walks down stairs while chatting with student learning advisor

Counselling and wellbeing support

Counsellors with experience in specific aspects of emotional well-being are available to offer guidance on any aspect of life that might be causing you stress or concern.

Welfare support from counsellors are available via online booking:

  • Mount Gravatt campus Lyn Shannon
  • Gold Coast campus Chris Hannigan
  • After hours CRISIS number: 1300785442

Appointments can be made concerning issues such as:

  • Student safety
  • Loneliness, homesickness
  • Personal relationships, harassment
  • Your studies and academic difficulties
  • Financial problems
  • Personal trauma
  • Employment options
  • Concerns regarding friends and family
  • Personal health
  • Legal difficulties
  • Reporting sexual harassment and/or sexual assault

As a member of the Griffith Community, you can also access Griffith University’s counselling and wellbeing service and some additional student services. If you require further assistance or encounter problems, the Overseas Students Ombudsman website contains information for students and private providers in English and 21 other languages.

Whether it’s your welfare or your psychological help, or you need counselling or anything like that, they’ve got everything available for you.

Meg Galloway, Diploma Student

Health and medical services

Healthy living is an essential part of successful study. We have services to promote positive life choices and deal with any medical issues that you may encounter. The Griffith University Health Service located on the Nathan and Gold Coast campuses offers bulk-billing for medical consultations for international students with a current OSHC policy and for local students covered by Medicare.

The health service provides:

  • Free nursing consultations
  • Emergency and first aid treatment
  • Preventative medical treatment
  • Treatment of ongoing/recurring conditions
  • Routine pap smears
  • Sexual health advice including testing and treatment
  • Immunisations and overseas travel vaccinations and advice
  • Referrals for x-rays, specialist treatment and ultrasounds
  • ECG recording
  • Pregnancy testing and shared care
  • Confidential needle exchange and support program
  • Health information
  • Ancillary health services include psychiatry, optometry, massage and acupuncture

Should you require pathology tests, nurses are able to perform these on campus.

Safe campuses

We are committed to providing safe and inclusive communities, on-campus and online, which are free from harassment, bullying, discrimination and assault.  We encourage all members of the Griffith community to call out, report and seek support if disrespectful behaviours occur. Click here for more information.


The safety of all our students, staff and visitors is paramount to us. We have around-the-clock, on-campus security services to ensure you always get the assistance you need, when you need it.

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