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Get a head start!

At Griffith College, we’re here to help you complete your diploma and achieve your degree as efficiently and enjoyably as possible. So we have developed a platform to give students the ability to study online, as well as deliver all the important support services and social connections that you’d have on campus.


Griffith College Digital Campus

Why you should start your study in our Digital Campus

When we compare our 2020 student academic results with 2019, we have found students outcomes are just as impressive in the online mode as they are when studying face-to-face. Our Digital Campus has enabled this, so too has our refreshed learning and delivery approach. To learn more about our Flexible Learning approach visit our flexible learning page.

Students are succeeding in both on-campus and remote study – so we encourage you to start or continue your study in our Digital Campus until you can join us on campus. This way you will Get a Head Start on your study!

But it isn’t just about study, via our Digital Campus you are able to engage in a wide variety of experiences that will help you to meet new friends, improve your study skills, learn all about preparing for and succeeding in higher learning, and getting to know more about studying and living in Queensland. Imagine having already established friendships even before you arrive!


Our teachers moved swiftly to embrace professional development opportunities to increase their teaching toolkit and the result is commendable. College-wide online initiatives have deepened students’ digital capabilities; they have supported students to transition to using digital technologies for education purposes and not just for social interaction.

The new approach supports remote learning and face-to-face learning, so we can be there for you regardless of where you are. The new model allows lots of flexibility, and we have tailored our course materials, activities and our digital instructional technologies to ensure effective remote engagement and learning.

Don’t fall behind in your studies. Get a head start with Griffith College!


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Griffith College student Rebecca Barraclough smiling at camera

Rebecca Barraclough

Diploma of Commerce
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Griffith College student Paulina Taumalau Naisarani smiling at camera with laptop in the background

Paulina Naisarani

Diploma of Health Care
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Griffith College student Arina Belozerova smiling at camera

Arina Belozeroval

Diploma of Commerce
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Griffith College Joshua Larkin smiling at camera

Joshua Larkin

Diploma of Commerce
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Griffith College Zoe Lovell waving at camera

Zoe Lovell

Diploma of Criminology and Criminal Justice
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Griffith College Vietnamese student Fiona Nguyen smiles at camera

Fiona Nguyen

Diploma of Social and Psychological Science
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