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Diploma of International Tourism and Hotel Management

Get a head start on tourism and hospitality.

Get a head start!


2 trimesters (8 months)
3 trimesters (12 months)


Trimester 1, 2 & 3
Key dates


Mt Gravatt
Gold Coast

International Tourism and Hotel Management overview

International Tourism and Hotel Management opens up a wide range of career opportunities on a truly global scale. The program will give you a thorough overview of this exciting service industry, with a strong focus on management, marketing and information systems.

The Diploma of International Tourism and Hotel Management will give you access to a world leader in hospitality education – Griffith University.

Hotel Management


Pathways to a Griffith University Degree

Domestic students
International students

Where could this diploma take me?

With a Diploma of International Tourism and Hotel Management from Griffith College you could start your journey towards one of the careers below:

  • Hotel, resort and restaurant management
  • Tourism and event management
  • Sport management
  • Club and recreational facility management
  • Airline and transport service

Sample program structure

Students who enter with an IELTS (or equivalent) < 6.0 will be required to undertake the free Language Development Modules as part of their program.

Note: Some courses may be offered in hybrid mode (in-person and live streaming*). All students (including offshore) must attend live streamed classes at the time they are scheduled.

*Hybrid mode is not offered every trimester, please contact us to confirm.

First trimester

1201QBT Academic & Professional Skills Development

Academic and Professional Skills Development is a 10 Credit Point course within a range of diploma programs at Griffith College. The course is situated within the first semester of each of these programs. Diploma programs are designed to provide students with a pathway to: further university studies in related degrees or direct employment. The course offers students a broad introduction to the skills involved in acquiring information and in displaying knowledge to others. It includes the basic knowledge and skills required to successfully participate in an undergraduate degree program and to operate effectively in a professional context.

1006THS Tourism Systems

The global tourism & hospitality industries are large, multi-faceted and complex, and represented by an array of stakeholders with both complementary and competing interests. The ‘systems’ perspective in this course has a threefold purpose:

  1. you will learn the key sectors and stakeholders in the tourism and hospitality industries, and evaluate the interactions between them;
  2. you will understand tourism as a socio-economic activity within the context of socio-cultural, political and operational systems; and
  3. you will apply a systems thinking perspective that will highlight the complexity of tourism and hospitality systems and allow you to identify options for improving the sustainability of the global industry.
1007THS Tourism, Travel and Technology

Patterns of growth and development in the tourism and hospitality industry have long been influenced by innovation in technology – from modes of transport that facilitate travel, to the bespoke global distribution systems that connect the different segments of the travel, tourism and hospitality sectors. In this course, you will trace significant technological developments that have disrupted existing tourism & hospitality business models over time, and consider how technology influences the effectiveness of the overall tourism system. This course will also provide you with insights into leveraging technology to improve the economic, social and environmental sustainability of tourism and hospitality operations.

1004GBS The Purpose of Business

This course introduces students to a perspective of the purpose of business that embeds values such as responsible leadership, integrity and ethical behaviour, respect for others, trust, and sustainable enterprise. The relevance of these values and their impact on behaviour and outcomes in a business context is demonstrated to students through case studies, real world examples, and testimonials from industry partners. Following from the discussion of values, the course then looks at how businesses develop solutions to respond to increasing demand for sustainability, transparency and good governance. The framework of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) is introduced and used to examine the alignment between business practices and sustainable solutions to real life problems faced by a business. The course also considers the role and responsibility (including legal) of professionals and professional standards in today’s society.

Second trimester

1005GBS Engaging Australia and the Asia-Pacific

The world has become increasingly interconnected as a result of increased trade, communication and cultural exchange. This interconnection, or globalisation, creates a need for you to develop intercultural, knowledge, understanding and competence. In this course you will explore Australia’s place in the Asia-Pacific region with its accompanying strong cultural ties to the history of Australia’s First Peoples and the Western world. You will examine the influences of the past, contemporary issues and possibilities for the future. This course is designed to commence your professional learning about the cultural protocols and knowledge required when engaging in cross-cultural relationships within Australia and across the Asia-Pacific region.

1006GBS Why Money Matters

In an increasingly complex financial system, independence and effective decision making are important life skills. In business, financial skills drive profitability within the rules and regulations of government, institutions and organisations. In this course you will understand basic monetary flows in the economy, and the interrelationships and dependencies between money, society, groups and organisations, locally and globally. You will develop core skills in financial literacy for business and an understanding of the key principles of accounting, finance and economics. Sound accounting, finance and economics skills are sought by employers in any business graduate, as they enable a solid understanding of the principles that drive enterprise toward success.

2230THS Interpreting Tourism Management Information

This course introduces students to methods for collecting and interpreting information that is relevant to the hotel and tourism industry. Students will be exposed to practical ways of developing analytical skills that will be invaluable to future employment. The course will address industry issues and problems, and students will develop skills that will enable them to make evidence based decisions to improve practice. To achieve this, students will learn important research skills such as how to collect relevant information and, how to analyse, interpret and report information.

2208THS International Food & Beverage Management

This course examines the effective management of food and beverage (F&B) operation within the hospitality industry, including international standard hotels and resorts. Students will be exposed to the application of sustainable practices applicable to F&B outlet’s design as well as the development of systems and processes through Virtual Fields Trips, and other resources.


2 trimesters (8 months)
3 trimesters (12 months)


Trimester 1, 2 & 3
Key dates


Mt Gravatt
Gold Coast
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