International Students

All the application information you’ll need to get a head start as an international student.

Application Process

Step 1: Choose your program

What are you interested in? Gain valuable skills and kickstart your career with one of the many areas of study available at Griffith College.

Step 2: Check entry requirements

Check the Academic entry requirements and the English entry requirements specific to your chosen program.

If you have studied high school outside of Australia, you may also need to meet English language requirements.

Step 3: Prepare supporting documentation

  • A certified copy of your academic results (both original and English translated versions if applicable)
  • A certified copy of your English test results (if available and applicable) and
  • Some programs may require you to submit a portfolio of work, or audition (see individual program for details)

Applying for Recognition of Prior Learning:

 If you have existing formal qualifications, you may be eligible to receive credit for recognition of prior learning. 

  • To apply for credit for specific courses of study, submit the credit transfer application form along with your supporting evidence prior to enrolling in your courses. Supporting evidence will include certified copies of official academic records, grading scales and course outlines from previous study. For more information regarding credit of courses, please refer to the Recognition of Prior Learning Policy linked at the bottom of this page.

Step 4: Lodge your application

There are two ways you can apply to Griffith College:

  • Directly through our online application form.
  • Through an international agent or provider. It is highly recommended that you apply through an international agent or provider as they can help with your application and visa application. Find your local agent or ask us if you are unsure.

Please ensure you allow enough time for your visa application to be processed, so you arrive in time for Orientation Week (the week prior to your program start).

Step 5: Accept your offer

If you are successful in securing a direct offer with us, congratulations!

Read your offer letter and make sure you meet all conditions stated in the letter, pay the tuition deposit fee, sign the acceptance form, and email it back to us through your student StudyLink account. This will secure your place!

Once you accept your place you will receive emails from Griffith College about enrolment and orientation. Look out for the dates in your inbox.

Apply directly


Check the relevant study program sections of this website for details of the associated tuition fees. Some courses may also have extra fees for program equipment so please check that before enrolment.

Studying overseas will require you to pay more than just tuition fees. These costs will vary depending on your lifestyle, accommodation and personal requirements. In addition to study fees, you will also need to budget for accommodation, transport and parking and other living expenses such as groceries, entertainment and clothing.

You also need to budget for your return trip home, international phone calls, student visa and recreational activities. The Australian Government currently requires students to have access to AU$20,290 (Australian dollars) per year to meet their living costs.

Please note that the fees quoted on the program page do not include any special equipment or resources that may be required.

Payment Options

Griffith College offers a variety of ways to pay your student fees before you enrol in your classes.

What Do I Need to Pay For?

You are required to pay the total deposit as noted in your Letter of Offer. The total deposit usually includes the following:

Visa Conditions

If you are an international student, it is important for you to be aware of your visa conditions. Visa conditions are the rules of the visa that are set by the Australian Government. It is important that you understand your visa conditions, as the Department of Home Affairs (Home Affairs) may cancel your visa if you breach them.