Year 12

Explore your study options and find out how to apply as a Year 12 graduate

Open the door to your dream career

Year 12 graduates are admitted regardless of their ATAR results and their ATAR eligibility.

(Those not on an ATAR pathway can be eligible!)

Applicants with recent secondary education (in the last 5 years) receive guaranteed entry when they have obtained a:

  • A Queensland Certificate of Education (QCE), or
  • Passes in at least three (3) general/applied subjects from Year 12, or
  • The equivalent from any state or territory, or
  • A Certificate III or higher

Please note: Australian citizens, New Zealand citizens, and Australian Permanent Residents, who are from a non-English speaking background and whose previous secondary studies were not completed in the following countries; Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Republic of Ireland, United Kingdom or the United States of America, must demonstrate a suitable level of English language proficiency before being admitted into a program. Find out more information about English requirements.

No ATAR? No worries.

The Application Process

Step 1: Prepare your study documentation

  • Certified copy of your academic records
    • If you are applying via QTAC the year you finish Year 12, your academic documentation will be automatically sent to QTAC for assessment
    • If your qualification was completed overseas, ensure a translated copy is also provided
  • A copy of your Australian or New Zealand citizenship document (Passport, Birth Certificate, Australian Citizenship Certificate), or proof of Australian Permanent Residency

If you completed your study overseas, you may need to meet the English requirements. Submit a certified copy of your English test results

Applying for Recognition of Prior Learning

If you have existing formal qualifications, you may be eligible to receive credit for recognition of prior learning. To apply for credit for specific courses of study, submit a Credit Transfer Application form along with your supporting evidence during the acceptance processes or prior to enrolling in your courses.

Supporting evidence will include certified copies of official academic records, grading scales and course outlines from previous study.

For more information regarding credit of courses, please refer to the Recognition of Prior Learning Policy linked at the bottom of this page.

Step 2: Lodge your application

  • If you are a current school leaver or have taken a Gap Year, it’s best to apply directly via QTAC. Make sure you use the QTAC course code that is for both the Diploma AND the Bachelor to move directly into the Bachelor upon graduation.
  • All other applicants, including Mature Age applicants, can apply directly to Griffith College or via QTAC. View direct application requirements.

Step 3: Accept your offer

  • QTAC Applicants are notified of their QTAC offer by email and must respond to their offer online by the due date. Applicants will then receive an offer from Griffith College.
  • Direct Applicants will receive their offer directly from Griffith College.

Read your offer letter, check for outstanding conditions outlined in the Letter of Offer and log-in to the StudyLink Application portal to accept your offer and upload any outstanding documents outlined in the conditions. 

It is recommended direct applicants apply at least two months prior to the commencement date to be processed in time for orientation and self-registration opening.

Apply directly

Your Diploma Options


Join the ranks of the next generation of business leaders

This program is designed to provide the fundamental skills and knowledge required for a successful career in business. On graduation, you can take your pick from Queensland’s widest range of business majors.

Criminology and Criminal Justice

Kickstart your career working towards a fairer future

This diploma provides a solid grounding in criminology, criminal justice and the basic elements of the four disciplines on which it rests – law, political science, psychology and sociology.


Your pathway to a creative career

If you love being creative and problem-solving, this program is the perfect way to develop the knowledge and skills required to kickstart your career. You will learn the foundations of design, including visual communication, interaction design, product design, and interior design.

Educational Studies

Go straight to the top of the class

Designed in partnership with Griffith University, the Diploma of Educational Studies transitions seamlessly into the highly-regarded Bachelor of Education. This can put you in a strong position for a wide range of teaching careers across the public and private sectors.


Be at the forefront of progress

This program will teach you the key skills and central concepts of engineering, before you progress to university and specialise in your choice of major. You will receive foundational knowledge from internationally-experienced lecturers with strong industry experience.

Health Care

Kickstart your career in nursing

The Diploma of Health Care transitions seamlessly to the highly-regarded Bachelor of Nursing at Griffith University. You will study the core concepts of the anatomy and physiology of the human body, and the ways in which the body and mind develop across the lifespan.

Health Sciences

Your pathway into the health sciences

This hands-on program provides a solid grounding in key disciplines within the field of Health Science, including chemistry, cell biology and anatomy. Upon graduation, you will choose from a number of exciting health-related degrees.

Information Technology

Digital is the way forward! Advance your career in IT

This diploma program  is structured to provide a broad understanding of all aspects of IT, including computer programming, database administration, information systems, interactive web development, software development and systems design.

International Tourism and Hotel Management

Get a head start on tourism and hospitality

This program opens up a wide range of career opportunities on a global scale. You will receive a thorough overview of this exciting service industry, with a strong focus on management, marketing and information systems. Upon graduation, you will progress to study at a world leader in hospitality education.


Advance your career with a Diploma of Science

This program will provide you with a solid understanding of the natural and physical sciences, including fundamental theoretical and practical principles of chemistry, biology, genetics; and for some pathways, environmental science. This program will prepare you for further studies in a broad range of exciting areas.

Social and Psychological Science

Your pathway to supporting community wellbeing

This program will provide you with the foundational knowledge and skills for further study in the areas of psychology, counselling, human services and social work. You will benefit from workshops focusing on understanding human cognition and behaviour, interpersonal relationships and social systems.

Frequently Asked Questions

Still have questions? Check out our frequently asked questions below.

Fees and Payment Options

Check the relevant study program sections of this website for details of the associated tuition fees. Some courses may also have extra fees for program equipment so please check that before enrolment.

Griffith College offer a variety of ways to pay your student fees before you enrol in your classes, including FEE-HELP for eligible domestic student.

Please note: the fees quoted on the program page do not include any special equipment or resources that may be required.