Accommodation While Studying

Get a head start on finding accommodation.

Whether you want to live in a highly social environment or you prefer privacy, there’s a style of accommodation on both campuses to suit you perfectly.

We recommend organising short-term, temporary accommodation for your first few days in Queensland. Once you arrive and settle-in, you may then wish to arrange longer-term accommodation to ensure you are choosing a living arrangement suitable to you.


Griffith College offers accommodation on both campuses.

Our accommodation on both campuses (Griffith University Village - Gold Coast and Campus Life Nathan) provide the convenience of an easy walk to your classes! There are self-catered options and added benefits, like access to common spaces, swimming pool, laundry facilities, security, Wi-Fi and discounted gym membership.

Weekly Rent: $300 to $450


Privately managed share houses or apartments are the most common off-campus option. You are likely to be living with other students, so it’s a great way to feel independent, but also have the support of like-minded people who are also learning about life in Australia. Furniture is often included.

Weekly Rent: $250 to $600

Student One Brisbane

Griffith College have a partnership with Student One for their Brisbane City locations – one of Queensland’s best student accommodation providers. For more information visit the Student One website.

Check out Student One Accommodation in Brisbane

Additional Accommodation Resources

Check here to view a list of Griffith University's preferred partners for off-campus accommodation.

For your on-campus accommodation options, check here.

You can also visit Study Queensland and Study Gold Coast for their list of recommended accommodation providers for both Brisbane and the Gold Coast.


Accommodation Requirements For Under 18s

All international students who are under 18 years of age must satisfy one of the following accommodation requirements whilst studying at Griffith College:

  • Live with at least one parent; or
  • Live with an adult who normally lives in Queensland (other than an overseas student) who has been appointed in writing by a parent of the student to act as the student’s guardian; or
  • Live with an approved Griffith College homestay provider (The Australian Homestay Network)
    Homestays provide students the opportunity to experience life in an Australian family home. Students will be able to immerse themselves in Australian culture while improving their English.

Griffith College ensures that students satisfy one of these requirements by obtaining written documentation from the students’ parents prior to the student commencing their studies.

If during the period of enrolment any student under 18 years of age is not living under one of the above requirements, then arrangements will be made for the students' accommodation in order to satisfy this requirement or the student will be reported to the Australian Department of Home Affairs for a breach of their student visa condition.

Students who wish to change into alternative accommodation must contact the Accommodation Manager or the Student Counsellor to gain written approval prior to moving.