Student Expenses

Understanding what costs you can expect living in Queensland

Queensland is a popular choice as a study location, offering a safe, friendly environment and high living standards.

It is important for students to be aware of the cost of living and prepare a budget carefully, prior to arrival. Being attentive to your budget will help you in making your money go further throughout your studies.

Below are some additional guidelines on what to expect when living as a student in Queensland.

Living Expenses

According to the Department of Home Affairs, approximately $29,710 AUD per year would be the minimum amount that a student can live apart from study expenses (10 May 2024).

Below are some of the standard living expenses you can expect while living in Queensland.

Note: These figures are an estimate only, prices will vary. 

Groceries and eating out$140 - $280 per week
Gas and/or electricity$10 - $20 per week
Public transport$30 - $80 per week
Car (after purchase)$150 - $250 per week
Entertainment$50 - $150 per week
Phone and internet$15 - $30 per week
On-campus accommodation$180 - $400 per week
Off-campus accommodation$180 - $450 per week
Homestay accommodation$200 - $450 per week

Your cost of studying in Australia may include:

Cost of Living

Accommodation, transport, groceries, entertainment, clothing, phone calls.

Health Insurance

Overseas Student Health Cover is required for the duration of your student visa.


For travel between Australia and your home country, plus travel insurance.

Tuition Fees

Tuition fees for your chosen program, plus any requirements, such as textbooks or special equipment. 

Cost of Living Calculator

The Insider Guides Cost of Living Calculator is a useful, practical tool to help estimate your cost of living in Australia.

You can compare accommodation arrangements, transportation options, entertainment activities and much more.