Chantel Returned to Study to Follow Her Dream

Chantel returned to study to follow her dream

Griffith College mature-age student Chantel Schott knew that to make a better future for herself she would have to follow her heart and return to study.

Making sacrifices and having the necessary support at home have led Chantel to embark on her dream career in design.

She will soon graduate with a Diploma in Design from Griffith College and is on a high after she submitted a logo-winning design for Gold Coast Health’s Creative Health Hub.

Chantel, along with other students from Griffith College’s Diploma of Design program, submitted design entries in response to a brief to design a logo to become the visual identity of the hub.

Chantel has been practising in visual arts for around 10 years, and working in arts administration including at the Queensland College of Art. There, whilst providing student and academic support, she fell in love with the design program and decided to take the plunge to go back to study at Griffith College.

“I have had to make sacrifices in terms of working full time, by seeking part-time employment and still finding a way to pay all the bills,” Chantel said. “My partner has been very supportive with my studies and this has made a world of difference.

“I knew I wanted to do something that gave me purpose, fulfilment and satisfaction. I had more to offer and wanted to do something that I would love for the rest of my life.”

Chantel will now move on to the Bachelor of Design program at Griffith University in 2020 and doesn’t plan to stop there. She is eyeing off a future PhD and has a view to work towards becoming a lecturer whilst running her own graphic design studio.

Chantel said that life experience has helped her be a better student.

“I’d already studied as a school leaver and I didn’t know what I wanted to do. I feel like without passion, you can’t reach your full potential. Life experience has helped me as a student, in ways of discipline, focus, organisation and managing my time. I think too, because of previous life experiences, I have learnt the skills to communicate and interact with others and I feel I can take challenges in my stride.”

Griffith College’s Diploma of Design provides an alternative entry diploma program to second year at Griffith University and the Queensland College of Art. The diploma focuses on the development of manual and technological skills, design thinking, problem-defining and solving. Students will gain an understanding of the changing role of design and how they can become leaders in the industry.