Dr. Mona Yang

Mona's journey from Griffith College student to Griffith University researcher and lecturer

Dr. Mona Ji Hyun Yang

"While I was studying at Griffith College, I could learn the same concepts and theories as Griffith University students, but with a lot of linguistic and academic assistance. The experiences and learning at Griffith College acted as a trial of the university."


- Dr. Mona Yang

Tourism Researcher and Sessional Lecturer
Griffith University

Former Griffith College student
(International Tourism and Hospitality Management)

Tell us about yourself

I am currently working as a researcher and sessional lecturer at Griffith University.

Hi! My name is Dr. Mona Ji Hyun Yang. I am a researcher and sessional lecturer at Griffith University. Currently, I am contributing to promoting sustainable tourism development as a tourism researcher and raising other tourism students as a sessional lecturer at Griffith University. 

Tell us about your studies at Griffith College

My academic career started at Griffith College in 2014.

At that time, it was called QIBT. As an international student from Korea who was not familiar with the Australian education system, I took the International Tourism and Hospitality Management program to move to Griffith University.

Back in the day, my English was not good enough to understand the lectures and workshops. Especially as I grew up in a non-English speaking country, listening and speaking were the biggest challenges. At that time, a course (I cannot remember the course name exactly) assisted me a lot in improving my academic English skills.

How did Griffith College prepare you for success?

The skills I acquired became the cornerstone of my academic career.

Griffith College offered an academic integrity course teaching students about referencing and paraphrasing. The course was very useful to an international student who had not been familiar with essay writing and the concept of plagiarism back in home country.

The skills acquired from the course became the cornerstone of my academic career. 

Do you have any advice for future students?

Enjoy the moment with little worry about the future.

I would love to tell other future students, "Carpe Diem". Enjoy the moment with little worry about the future. When you live your present with your best, a better future will be followed. Enjoy your days and moments at Griffith College!