Hear from our students - past and present - on what they have valued most about their time at Griffith College.

"Studying at Griffith College helped me to get prepared for further study at university.

The number of students in a classroom was really small, which made me feel comfortable to ask questions to my teachers. Also, teachers were always helpful and friendly to students whenever we had any problems with our study."

- Yumi Iwasawa, Japan  |  Diploma of International Tourism and Hotel Management

Having first obtained her Diploma of Health Care from Griffith College, Taelah has just graduated with a Bachelor of Nursing from Griffith University.

Taelah - Diploma of Health Care

"Griffith College provided me with a pathway to university while also allowing me to settle into uni life.

The smaller class sizes meant I was able to have more interaction with teachers and help build a strong foundation for my future studies. Here at Griffith College I was able to experience university and transition into it step-by-step."

- Anshul Kala, India  |  Diploma of Business

When Meg didn't receive the marks she needed for direct University entry, she chose a different first year at Griffith College.

Meg - Diploma of Engineering

"I chose Griffith College as I wanted to enter a scientific field of study but lacked the prerequisites from high school.

I felt I would struggle with direct university entry. By studying at Griffith College, I've been able to grow my confidence and interpersonal skills through the opportunities to work with industry contacts, give professional presentations and meet people from all over the world."

- Matthew Pelley, Australia  |  Diploma of Science

After 20 years in the workforce, Cindy decided to leave her job to pursue a career in criminology.

Cindy - Diploma of Criminology and Criminal Justice

"I chose Griffith College because I wasn't confident that my English language skills would be adequate for direct entry to university.

The College provides a supportive and international environment where I can improve my English whilst learning about Australia politics and law."

- Slavka Zbojovska, Slovakia  |  Diploma of Criminology and Criminal Justice

Students Mohammad and Feras from Saudi Arabia were especially drawn to the prospect of studying in sunny Queensland.

Mohammad and Feras - Foundation Program

"Teachers at Griffith College are very dedicated which makes learning easier.

Seeing my tutors teach with passion makes me more interested in learning and more prepared for my university studies."

- Okaro Chiamaka, Nigeria  |  Diploma of Engineering

Japanese student Sarika began her educational journey at Griffith College before progressing to a law degree at University.

Sarika - Criminology and Criminal Justice

"I love the multicultural environment at Griffith College.

I am learning so much about other cultures from my peers. The environment is friendly and the teaching staff are very dedicated at the College.

I applied to be part of the mentor program this year and I have learnt so much during that process. I have improved my confidence and communication skills by doing presentations which will serve me well when I start my Bachelor of Marketing at Griffith University."

- Ramin Rahimi, Iran  |  Diploma of Business

With a dream to become a paramedic, Holly moved from Melbourne to study Health Sciences on the Gold Coast.

Holly - Diploma of Health Sciences

"For me, studying at Griffith College was more than just having a pathway to university.

It has been a good opportunity to develop my potential and enhance my language skills."

- Aisha Nishad, India  |  Diploma of Information Technology 

Our Diploma opened the door to a Bachelor of Education for Tennessee when he chose not to undertake an ATAR pathway at school.

Tennesee - Diploma of Educational Studies

"Griffith College provided me with the basics of studying by teaching us step-by-step.

Through extra help from advisors I have learnt more about essay structure, my writing skills have improved and I feel more confident in my studies."

- Julie Kim, South Korea  |  Diploma of Health Care 

Making friends was easy for Ikran, who was introduced to her new science peers during Orientation Week.

Ikran - Diploma of Science

"Griffith College has a great reputation for design programs.

I chose Griffith College because I wanted to strengthen my knowledge before attending university. The student assistance really helped me to feel more prepared for my university studies."

- Chong Kit Mak, China  |  Diploma of Design

Joining us 10 years after high school, Letinna successfully juggled study, work and life with 2 young children!

Letinna - Criminology and Criminal Justice

"I initially came to study at Griffith College because I want to be a doctor.

My sister is studying at Griffith University so I knew a little about the College already. The teachers all are very friendly and everything is very well organised. I am excited to be studying here and I can't wait to start my medical career!"

- Eunjin Cho, South Korea  |  Diploma of Health Sciences

Ryan made excellent use of the support services provided by Griffith College and was delighted to achieve outstanding grades.

Ryan - Diploma of Design

"Griffith College allowed me to meet different people from all around the world!

It allowed me to achieve my dreams to work in information technology, it also helped me to find my true self."

- Ahmed Amira, Tunisia  |  Diploma of Information Technology

Friendly people and a sunny lifestyle made Favour feel especially comfortable as she settled in to her studies on the Gold Coast.

Omotolani (Favour) - Diploma of Health Sciences

"Griffith’s rich expertise and experience in the Hotel Management faculty is paramount for students to learn from.

Being one of the prestigious colleges in Hotel Management, one of the main advantages in studying with Griffith is to have an opportunity to communicate with international students who have different values, cultures, and backgrounds. 

- Naoki Aikawa, Japan  |  Diploma of International Tourism and Hotel Management

Although Brooke was offered direct entry to the university, she decided to start her studies at Griffith College while deciding on her career path.

Brooke - Diploma of Social and Psychological Science