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Diploma of Health Sciences

Build your career as a health professional.

Get a head start!

I studied the Diploma of Health Sciences because I want to be a doctor. The teachers all are very friendly and everything is very well organised. I am excited to be studying here and I can’t wait to start my medical career.

Eunjin Cho,
Diploma of Health Sciences



2 trimesters (8 months)
3 trimesters (12 months)


Trimester 1, 2, 3*
Key dates


Southport (Gold Coast)

Health Sciences overview

The Health Sciences program provides a good grounding in the many disciplines that exist within the field of health science.

While the main focus is on biological and biochemical subjects, your studies will extend into chemistry, cell biology and anatomy.

You will develop strong foundations for entry into the second year of a number of Griffith University degree level programs in health sciences.

2021 Fees

The top students are generally highly determined and focused.

Tessa Daal,
Diploma of Health Science, Program Convenor

Where could this diploma take me?

With a Diploma of Health Sciences from Griffith College you could start your journey towards one of the careers below:

  • Pharmacist
  • Scientific advisor
  • OH&S practitioner
  • Allied health worker
  • Laboratory assistant
  • Pathology technician
  • Ambulance attendant
  • Formulation chemist
  • Environmental scientist
  • Sports organisation professional

Sample program structure

First trimester

CMH100 Core Maths Skills*

*Students who demonstrate success in the compulsory Mathematics Diagnostic Quiz prior to commencing their study may be exempt from completing Essential Mathematics and hence potentially reduce the duration of their diploma program.

1014MSC Cells Tissues & Regulation
5902LAL English Language and Communication for Health† OR 1020QBT Academic & Professional Skills Development for Science & Technology‡

5902LAL English Language and Communication for Health

† Domestic students whose first language is not English, and International students who enter with an IELTS (or equivalent) < 7.0 must undertake the English Language & Communication for Health course.

1020QBT Academic & Professional Skills Development for Science & Technology

‡Students who enter with an IELTS ≥ 7.0 (or equivalent), or whose first language is English, will be required to undertake 1020QBT Academic & Professional Skills

Second trimester

1001GRC Chemistry of Biological Systems 1
1016MSC Anatomy & Physiology Systems 1
1005QBT Genes & Disease§ OR 1001PSY Introductory Cognitive & Biological Psychology¶ OR 1002PSY Introductory Individual & Social Psychology

1005QBT Genes & Disease

§Genes and Disease is recommended for students on Health Sciences degree pathways except for 1171 Bachelor of Exercise Science degree pathway.

1011GRC Introduction to Psychology 1

¶Students on a pathway to the Bachelor of Exercise Science to study Introductory Cognitive and Biological Psychology.

1002GRC Introduction to Psychology 2

Third trimester

1015MSC Chemistry of Biological Systems II
1017MSC Anatomy & Physiology Systems II
1205MED Health Challenges for the 21st Century

Pathways to a Griffith University Health Sciences Degree

Domestic students
International students

*Trimester 3 will not be available for international students for Bachelor degrees that have only trimester 1 intake due to the progression gap


2 trimesters (8 months)
3 trimesters (12 months)


Trimester 1, 2, 3*
Key dates


Southport (Gold Coast)
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