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Diploma of Commerce

Join the ranks of the next generation of business leaders.

Get a head start!

The Diploma of Commerce has really helped me understand the different aspects of running a company, from accounting to how to manage a team.

Rebecca Barraclough,
Diploma of Commerce



2 trimesters (8 months)
3 trimesters (12 months)


Trimester 1, 2, 3


Mt Gravatt
Gold Coast

Commerce overview

Whether you have ambitions of starting your own business or climbing the career ladder in a large organisation, the Diploma of Commerce will give you the fundamental business and leadership skills to progress.

On graduation, you will be able to take your pick from Queensland’s widest range of business majors, including Financial Planning, Logistics and Supply Chain Management, Event Management and Real Estate and Property Development.

Business and Economics ranking

Current Fees

I’ve made the decision to come to Griffith College, and I haven’t regretted since.

Paul Dubignon,
Diploma of Commerce

Where could this diploma take me?

With a Diploma of Commerce from Griffith College you could start your journey towards one of the careers below:

  • Accounting
  • Stock broking
  • Commercial and taxation law
  • Advertising
  • Industrial relations
  • Human resource management
  • Marketing
  • Public relations
  • Business management
  • Finance
  • International business

Sample program structure

Students who enter with IELTS <6.0 or equivalent will be required to undertake the free Language Development Modules as part of their program.

First trimester

1201QBT - Academic & Professional Skills Development

The course offers students a broad introduction to the skills involved in acquiring information and in displaying knowledge to others. It includes the basic knowledge and skills required to successfully participate in an undergraduate degree program and to operate effectively in a professional context.

Assessment Plan:

  1. Self as Learner: SWOT and Reflection (25%)
  2. Individual Source Analysis and Paired Presentation (30%)
  3. Academic Essay Planner and Academic Essay (45%)
1305AFE - Business Data Analysis

Business Data Analysis introduces students to the core concepts of statistical analysis. It is introductory
in nature and provides materials across a broad range of statistical techniques and methods. The focus
of this course is to provide students with the ability to recognise situations in which statistical analysis
may be useful, and the relevant techniques and methods that apply in those situations.

Assessment plan:

  1. Exam 1 (10%)
  2. Mid Trimester Exam – Moodle Quiz (25%)
  3. Excel Computer Assignment (25%)
  4. Final Exam – Moodle Quiz (40%)
1102AFE - Accounting for Decision Making

The course focuses on the practical and functional nature of accounting information as input into business decision-making. Students will be introduced to the content of basic financial accounting reports, managerial accounting terms, concepts and techniques for planning, tactical decision making and control decisions and some fundamentals of financial management.

Assessment plan:

  1. Module 1 Assignment (10%)
  2. Mid Trimester Exam- Moodle Quiz (25%)
  3. Weekly Online Content Review (20%)
  4. Final Exam – Moodle Quiz (45%)
1003MKT - Introduction to Marketing

This course provides an introduction to understanding the marketing function in organisations. The course focuses on the relationships between the organisation and consumers via the marketing mix (product, price, place and promotion).

Assessment plan:

  1. Online Quizzes (20%)
  2. Marketing Portfolio (45%)
  3. Final Examination (35%)

Second trimester

1303AFE - Economics for Managers

This course is an introductory economics course. It deals with basic principles and concepts which will help students understand the competitive and economic environments in which businesses operate. The course will also help students to follow business news and developments; to understand major economic policy issues; and to appreciate the rationale behind government economic policies and their impacts on businesses, their customers and society as a whole.

Assessment plan:

  1. Study Guides (10%)
  2. First Exam (15%)
  3. Second Exam (35%)
  4. Third Exam (40%)
1001QBT - Work & Employability

This course introduces students to the world of work by providing them with an overview of issues relevant to the modern workplace. The course provides an overview of employment relations as well as the processes of personal career preparation and workplace negotiation.

Assessment plan: 

  1. Exam (40%)
  2. Professional Portfolio (40%)
  3. Negotiation (20%)
1101IBA - Management Concepts

This course is an introductory course that is designed to provide students with knowledge of management theory and practice. Students will gain an understanding of broad management concepts and their inter-relationships in a global context. This course provides students with a general introduction to organisations and the functions of management. Topic areas will address issues related to organisations, management, and society. The course will cover the core management functions of leading, planning, controlling and organising.

Assessment plan: 

  1. eWork Book (WB) (includes Case Report Plan) (30%)
  2. Case Report Assignment (CRA) (30%)
  3. Final Assessment – Quiz + Case Question Assignment (QA) (40%)
Specialisation: Business / Commerce / Sport Management

Sport Management: 2309THS – Sport Management Principles

Business: 2008EHR – Business Communications

This course is intended to provide participants with advanced understanding of the concepts and principles of professional business communication and to support the development of their skills in interpersonal, spoken and business related communications through practice and feedback.

Assessment plan: 

  1. Learning Activities (25%)
  2. Teamwork and Oral Presentation (25%)
  3. Reflections (50%)

Commerce: 1203AFE – Money, Banking & Finance

This course provides an overview of the Australian financial system, particularly the role of the financial markets and institutions. It also presents a brief survey of the theory of money and an analysis of the conduct of monetary policy in recent years.

Assessment plan: 

  1. Online Maths Quiz (15%)
  2. Online Content Quiz (60%)
  3. Presentation (25%)

Find out more: Current program structure

Pathways to a Griffith University Commerce Degree

Domestic students
International students


2 trimesters (8 months)
3 trimesters (12 months)


Trimester 1, 2, 3


Mt Gravatt
Gold Coast
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